Getting a New Garage Door? 3 Things to Know


Garage doors are a significant home investment that needs a lot of considerations. They play a critical role in maintaining a stable temperature, improving your home's general appearance, facilitating access to your garage and enhancing your home's structural stability. 

Perhaps you are a first-time homeowner looking into a new installation, or you want to renew the look on your worn-out door. Here are three things you should consider before you embark on this noble project. 

Technology Has Vastly Improved Types and Varieties of Garage Doors

Steel, wood, fibreglass aluminium; every homeowner is spoilt for choice by the vast array of doors in the market today, and all come in various colours, textures and designs to meet your unique style.

If you are not proficient in deciding which door to install, talking to a garage door expert is your best cause of action. A qualified and experienced installer will narrow down the best material and design based on your current home from a broad assortment of materials.

For instance, they may suggest adding glass to aluminium doors for a contemporary design or installing an aluminium garage door for improved efficiency. If you want to enhance your home's appearance on a tight budget, an expert might recommend a wooden door seeing that it is more affordable and more appealing.

Cost Varies Based on Door Type and Installation 

Before a new installation, it is advisable to window-shop and compare the prices. The total cost will vary based on size, additional components, material, customisation and design. Installation rates will also vary from company to company. Certified and experienced garage door installers will charge a higher price since they offer high-quality services. 

Additionally, a manual door installation will differ from that of a remote-controlled door. When going for a new installation, you'll need to add up all these costs to get the final value. 

Always Go with The Pros

Garage doors involve complicated systems and components, hence the need for professional installation. If you're looking to roll up your sleeves and do it yourself, you must have the right tools and skills. That said, the best course of action would be hiring a qualified garage door installer to guarantee safety and a seamless finish. 

The above tips will help you to settle on the best garage door for your home for improved functionality and curb appeal. If you have additional questions about choosing a new garage door or need help with installation, consult with a local garage door company.


17 March 2021

Garage Doors Inspired by the Great Outdoors

Hi, my name is Jenny. I love decorating both the inside and the outside of my homes, and in particular, I love picking out garage doors. Contrary to popular belief, garage doors do not have to be boring. They can be super colorful or unique designs. One thing I really like is garage doors that remind me of the great outdoors. To that end, I love garage doors with vinyl stickers on them depicting the outdoors, and I also love doors reminiscent of old barn doors. If you want tips on making your garage door look like it is inspired by nature or farming, please explore my blog.