5 Signs That Your Garage Door Motor Needs Repairs


Your garage door motor makes it easy and convenient to open your garage door. If it's damaged, you risk being locked in or outside of your garage. It can also cause accidents where the garage door closes unexpectedly causing injury. Your property is also at risk since a faulty garage motor may cause the garage door to open at awkward, unexpected times. If you see signs that your garage door motor needs repair, don't wait until they worsen.

20 August 2020

5 Things to check when hiring garage door repair contractors


Are you thinking of installing a garage door or making a few repairs to your garage door? You can try do-it-yourself solutions, but they rarely get the job done, especially if you've no experience with such repairs. Your best bet is to hire a garage door repair contractor. But how do you know which contractor to hire? 1.    References Check the references and reviews of the contractors you intend to hire.

22 January 2020