2 Tips For Spring-Cleaning Your Garage Door


Spring is here, Australia! It's time to write out your spring-cleaning list and get everything tidied away before the heat of summer arrives. Many people tackle all the chores around their house over spring, but when was the last time you gave your garage a second-glance? As someone who has never owned a garage with an automatic door before, you're unaware that your garage door needs some maintenance love too. Here are two things you can do to ensure your garage door keeps functioning as good as new.

12 September 2018

Choosing Up & Over Garage Doors


Vital for physical protection of property and vehicle security, garage doors present various aesthetic and functional choices when the time eventually comes to replace them. Up and over garage doors are probably the most popular option in modern carports.  While available in a variety of styles and colours to match almost any design trend, new garage doors also come in classic white or wood-effect foil finishes to blend in well with any existing door or window fittings.

8 August 2017

Some Terms to Learn When Shopping for a New Garage Door


It's important that your home's garage door always be in good repair, as that door helps to secure items you store in the garage, and for an attached garage, the door also provides added security for the home itself. An old and worn door may put added stress on the chains and springs that open it and on the motor of the opener, as well. When you are ready to shop for a new garage door, note a few terms and phrases to learn, to ensure you know what type would work for your home and that you are happy with your garage for many years to come.

18 July 2017

Troubleshooting Some Common Garage Door Problems


A high-quality garage door may work for years before you ever have any issues with it, but when it does start to break down, you may suddenly have a door that shakes or doesn't open and close as it should. It can be dangerous to ignore obvious problems with this door, as it's very heavy and puts a lot of pressure and weight on its chains and springs; if these pieces break, this can allow the door to slam shut, or injure someone in the vicinity of those pieces.

29 June 2017

Top Reasons Why You Require Professional Garage Door Maintenance Service


Garage door maintenance is a demanding job that requires expert handling. The good news is that you do not have to do the job by yourself, as there are many professionals out there who can handle the job well. But like with any other trade, professional garage door maintenance service costs money, and as a potential client, you will want to know what you will get for the price that you pay.

12 June 2017

4 Advantages of a Swing Gate Versus a Sliding Gate for Your Residential Property


Adding a durable security fence and gate has many benefits for your residential property, as this can reduce the risk of intruders coming onto the property and also cut down on unwanted visitors, such as solicitors and others. However, you need to choose between a sliding gate and a swing gate when having one installed on your property. While each may have their own advantages, consider a few reasons why swing gates may be the best option.

25 May 2017

3 Safety Features Your Tilt Garage Door Opener Should Have


People who own older homes usually prefer tilt-up garage doors because such doors make the home to look more attractive. Such homeowners need to select a garage door opener that has a wide variety of safety features so that hazards are minimized as that automatic garage door is used. This article discusses some of the safety features that you should consider when you are selecting a garage door opener. Back-Up Batteries

15 May 2017