Important Safety Tips to Practice When Using Garage Roller Doors


You can either choose to have a manual or automatic garage roller door installed. Regardless of the one you choose; safety should always be a priority. Note these safety measures to make sure you prevent injury or damage to your garage door or belongings.


If you know you have children, you have to take extra caution. Children have a tendency of playing around any space, especially in front of the garage door. What should you do? Before you operate the garage door, make sure you have its full view to make sure your children are not around or near it. Your child should not also be allowed to operate the garage door. You never know what your child will do when you are away. He or she might find operating the garage door as an interesting game resulting in injury. All transmitters or switches pertaining to the garage door should also be located at a position where a child cannot reach.

Safety Features

When purchasing your garage roller door, you need to ask about safety features. You might hear such terms as electric safety beams, safety obstruction force, etc. These features are an important addition to your garage roller doors if you want you and your family to be safe. A safety beam will ensure that the garage door is reversed when something passes through the beam. When using sensors, some resistance force has to be felt from the object or person for the garage door to be reversed. This is what is known as the safety obstruction force. You, however, need to be careful with this type of sensor as it can cause some minor injury.


Do not in any way try to repair your garage roller door if you lack the know-how. The worst thing that can happen is sustaining a disabling injury or even death. These garage doors have springs that are tightly wound, and if you mess around with them, they can break and get propelled at high speeds. You do not want to be in the path of that spring or at the bottom of the garage door as it quickly crashes down.

All electrical work should be done by qualified electrical contractors. If you have an automatic door, electricity will have to be earthed properly. During repairs, you will be required to disconnect all power cords. In fact, you should let a trained person handle this.

If you feel like there is something wrong with your garage door, call a repair company immediately.


21 May 2019

Garage Doors Inspired by the Great Outdoors

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