2 Tips For Spring-Cleaning Your Garage Door


Spring is here, Australia! It's time to write out your spring-cleaning list and get everything tidied away before the heat of summer arrives. Many people tackle all the chores around their house over spring, but when was the last time you gave your garage a second-glance? As someone who has never owned a garage with an automatic door before, you're unaware that your garage door needs some maintenance love too. Here are two things you can do to ensure your garage door keeps functioning as good as new.

1. Visual Inspection

Garage doors are designed to last for years, but over time you may see parts which are rusted or weatherbeaten, so the first task for your garage doors is to have a close look. In particular, make a note of:

  • rust which shows on any metal parts of the door, its springs or the opening mechanism
  • damage to weatherstripping which is located on the sides or bottom of the door
  • chipped or peeling paint on the door

All three of these issues needs to be repaired by a garage door professional. Rust needs to be removed quickly, so it does not have a chance to eat through the metal and make the door unsafe. Damaged weatherstripping needs to be replaced to ensure your garage interior doesn't become flooded from the driving rains which come with summer storms. Damaged paint needs to be repaired before rust takes hold in the damaged area.

2. Audio Inspection

Once you have looked at all the parts of your garage door, it is time to open and close the door several times while listening for clues of operational issues. A loud rattling noise, for example, is possibly an indication that the drive chain on the opening mechanism is loose. A loose drive train messes with the efficiency of the door while it moves along the track, so it needs to be tightened.

Squeaks are an indication that springs need oiling, and this is one task you can do yourself. Simply head to your local hardware store to purchase an oil-based lubricant spray. Spray this onto a rag and wipe it over each of the springs attached to your garage door. Again, this can be done by a professional if you have concerns about dealing with the task yourself.

Don't let your garage door let you down this year. Spring is the perfect time to take a closer look and listen to make sure the door is performing well. If not, an automatic garage doors specialist can repair any issues for you.


12 September 2018

Garage Doors Inspired by the Great Outdoors

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