Choosing Up & Over Garage Doors


Vital for physical protection of property and vehicle security, garage doors present various aesthetic and functional choices when the time eventually comes to replace them.

Up and over garage doors are probably the most popular option in modern carports.  While available in a variety of styles and colours to match almost any design trend, new garage doors also come in classic white or wood-effect foil finishes to blend in well with any existing door or window fittings. Additionally, glazing options include horizontal, vertical and diagonal designs to complement the rest of the building or structure.  If you have decided on the up and over type of garage door for your property, read on to discover more about the two main types of mechanism for when you make your purchase.

Traditional up and over doors

Firstly, traditional up and over doors used to be the most common.  Entry-level models operate manually and approximately a third of the door remains overhead outside the garage—leading to the alternative name of canopy doors. If required, canopy garage doors can be converted to operate electrically by connecting a bow arm, though this does reduce headroom slightly. The best types of canopy door have guide rails and an anti-fall safeguard in the event of cable breakage, while robust drums guide the steel cabling safely into place. Security-wise, two-point locking usually standard, with an extra option for the increased security of four-point locks.

Retractable up and over doors

The second type of up and over garage door is fully retractable, featuring a mechanism whereby the door opens overhead and goes all the way into the building, along purpose-fitted tracks. Retractable garage doors are considered more robust and easier to automate, due to their gentler opening and closing action. Multiple springs provide backup in case one of them breaks, while manufacturers of top-quality door systems for garages will ensure that safety features such as finger-trap protection and four-point secure locking come as standard, in addition to welded corners for extra strength.

Apart from considering door materials (tough steel, beautiful timber or durable GRP), colours, finishes and interior mounting frames, manual doors are usually more economical. In contrast, automatically operated garage doors offer extra comfort, convenience and personal security with no need to get out of the car on dark evenings.

Retractable garage doors are perfect candidates for automation, and especially so in the case of larger, heavier models typically seen in double garages. Finally, motorised garage doors are also ideal for drivers who, for whatever reason, need to minimise manual effort with raising the arms and shoulders.


8 August 2017

Garage Doors Inspired by the Great Outdoors

Hi, my name is Jenny. I love decorating both the inside and the outside of my homes, and in particular, I love picking out garage doors. Contrary to popular belief, garage doors do not have to be boring. They can be super colorful or unique designs. One thing I really like is garage doors that remind me of the great outdoors. To that end, I love garage doors with vinyl stickers on them depicting the outdoors, and I also love doors reminiscent of old barn doors. If you want tips on making your garage door look like it is inspired by nature or farming, please explore my blog.