Some Terms to Learn When Shopping for a New Garage Door


It's important that your home's garage door always be in good repair, as that door helps to secure items you store in the garage, and for an attached garage, the door also provides added security for the home itself. An old and worn door may put added stress on the chains and springs that open it and on the motor of the opener, as well. When you are ready to shop for a new garage door, note a few terms and phrases to learn, to ensure you know what type would work for your home and that you are happy with your garage for many years to come.

Carriage-style and barn doors

Most garage doors will be either tilt-out or roller styles; tilt-out doors will swing out at the bottom and then run along a track on the garage ceiling. A roller door rolls directly up, along a track that extends down the garage door frame. However, for something more unique, and if you have the clearance needed around the garage entry, you might opt for carriage style or barn doors. Carriage-style doors have hinges on the side and swing open, like a home's entryway door. Barn doors have a roller and track installed on the outside of the garage, above the frame, and the door rolls sideways to open. These doors usually have oversized hardware that adds to their style and aesthetics, and they can give your garage a more rustic and natural look.

Gauge of the door

If you opt for a steel garage door, you may need to choose the gauge; this refers to the thickness of the door. The thicker the door, the more security it will offer; however, a thicker door will also be heavier and put more wear and tear on the springs, chains, and opener. Note, too, that the lower the gauge, the thicker the metal.

Flexible doors

When shopping for a roller door, you may note that some are listed as being "flexible." Flexible doors are usually made of a less rigid, curtain-like material, versus roller doors that are made of wood or metal and constructed in separate sections that are attached to hinges. Flexible doors can roll into a much tighter spot than standard roller doors, which need clearance for each panel or section between hinges. If your garage has very little headroom, or you want something lightweight that you can open and close manually, look for a flexible, curtain-style door.


18 July 2017

Garage Doors Inspired by the Great Outdoors

Hi, my name is Jenny. I love decorating both the inside and the outside of my homes, and in particular, I love picking out garage doors. Contrary to popular belief, garage doors do not have to be boring. They can be super colorful or unique designs. One thing I really like is garage doors that remind me of the great outdoors. To that end, I love garage doors with vinyl stickers on them depicting the outdoors, and I also love doors reminiscent of old barn doors. If you want tips on making your garage door look like it is inspired by nature or farming, please explore my blog.