4 Advantages of a Swing Gate Versus a Sliding Gate for Your Residential Property


Adding a durable security fence and gate has many benefits for your residential property, as this can reduce the risk of intruders coming onto the property and also cut down on unwanted visitors, such as solicitors and others. However, you need to choose between a sliding gate and a swing gate when having one installed on your property. While each may have their own advantages, consider a few reasons why swing gates may be the best option.


A sliding gate usually works with a system of chains and pulleys; once any part of that system rusts, or when the chains begin to lose tension, you may hear loud creaking and scraping every time the gate operates. A swing gate only needs a quick spray of lubricant around its hinges on occasion to keep it quiet, an important point to consider if the gate will be located very close to your home.

Hilly property

If your property is very hilly, a sliding gate may not be able to easily open along the tracks of the fence; trying to pull the gate uphill or control its motion when it slides downhill can be very difficult and cause wear and tear on the chains and pulleys. A sliding gate may not even be an option when there are any inclines next to your driveway. A swing gate will simply swing out and doesn't need to accommodate the incline of adjacent hills.

Easier to install

A sliding gate will usually require a concrete footing to hold the track on which it slides, as a fence itself typically cannot support the weight of the gate and its chains and pulleys. This means more work to have the gate installed, and this footing may also be difficult to camouflage, so the gate may look unsightly. A swinging gate only needs hinges on its outer posts, so it's easier to install and means less wear and tear on your property's lawn.


A swinging gate often has a more regal and welcoming look than a sliding gate; the gates swing out and open as if your property is opening its arms to you and to visitors! A sliding gate may seem somewhat drab and industrial and doesn't offer the same visual appeal. The chains and pulleys of the gate may also be visible and difficult to hide, and this can also detract from the appearance of the gate and fence, and even your entire property.

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25 May 2017

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