3 Safety Features Your Tilt Garage Door Opener Should Have


People who own older homes usually prefer tilt-up garage doors because such doors make the home to look more attractive. Such homeowners need to select a garage door opener that has a wide variety of safety features so that hazards are minimized as that automatic garage door is used. This article discusses some of the safety features that you should consider when you are selecting a garage door opener.

Back-Up Batteries

Power outages can occur at any time, including at the precise moment when you are opening your garage door. Such an outage can cause the garage door to come slamming down when the operating mechanism suddenly loses the electrical power that was operating it. The door can be seriously damaged during such an event. Back-up batteries can kick in and keep the door working normally during those outages. Those back-up batteries can also save you from having to operate the garage door manually in case the loss of power lasts for several hours. Buying a garage door opener with back-up batteries is therefore a good idea.

Safety Eyes

It is possible for some garage doors to close when your young child or your pet hasn't left the door opening. Such an eventuality can result in serious injuries to the child or pet. You can limit such a risk by buying a garage door opener that has "safety eyes" (sensors) to stop the door from closing once any object or person is in the path of the door. This feature can also make the door to reverse direction in case that garage door fails to close fully.


Have you ever felt a little fear of the dark as you returned home late at night? This problem can be addressed if you buy a garage door opener that has lights that come on for a defined duration while you leave your car and turn on the security lights. These garage door opener lights can also save you from tripping and falling on an object that you hadn't seen as you walked towards the light switches inside your home. The lights can be operated from the garage door opener remote that you carry with you in your car.

Manufacturers of garage doors are constantly coming up with more safety features on the newer garage door openers that they avail to clients. It is advisable for you to explore all the latest safety features available so that you can select the door opener with the combination of features that addresses your specific needs.


15 May 2017

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