How to Choose the Right Material for Your Home's Garage Door


When you're in the market for a new garage door for your home, you want to choose the best material for the door rather than shopping by style alone. While you want to ensure your home's garage has a good appearance and adds to the home's curb appeal, you also want a secure garage and one that is well-insulated so it protects your car and lawn care equipment from outside elements. Note a few tips for choosing the right material for your home's garage door.


Aluminium is very lightweight and a good choice if you aren't installing an automatic garage door opener, as trying to manually lift a heavier steel or wood door can actually lead to physical injuries. Even if you have an opener installed, the lighter weight of aluminium will mean less wear and tear on the opener's motor and other parts; it's especially good to opt for the lighter aluminium if you're installing oversized or double garage doors. However, the lighter weight also means aluminium is more prone to dents and dings, so you might choose something else if you have kids who ride bikes or play ball outside the garage door area.


Fibreglass is very lightweight like aluminium, and it may be less prone to dents and dings. It's also very dense, so it's not likely to let in cold or hot air during winter or summer. The downside of fibreglass is that you cannot change the colour when you want a change of style, unlike a wood door that can be painted and metal doors that can be powder coated. Fibreglass is also not the most eco-friendly choice, as the material is difficult to recycle if you should need a new door sometime in the future.


Steel is probably the strongest material you can choose for a garage door, so this is the right choice when you have kids playing outside or store things inside the garage for which you need maximum protection. While steel tends to conduct heat or cold, you can choose a steel door with insulating layers between the steel skins for added protection against outside elements.


Wood garage doors will require the most maintenance, as the colour will eventually fade from being exposed to sunlight and the elements; the doors will then need consistent repainting. Wood doors may also be prone to chipping and cracking and may expand as they absorb moisture; in turn, they may eventually become uneven along the tracks and need repairs so they move smoothly during opening and closing.


19 April 2017

Garage Doors Inspired by the Great Outdoors

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