How to Keep Your Automatic Garage Door Opener in Good Repair


A home's automatic garage door opener, along with the door and all its components, are usually very sturdy and meant to last for many years. However, the way you treat and maintain your garage door will affect its longevity; a few simple maintenance tasks, performed regularly, can ensure the door doesn't break down sooner than it should. Note some tips for how to keep your automatic garage door opener and the door itself in good repair over the years.

Check the track with a level

The garage door typically runs along a track overhead; a roller door will also include a track installed along the garage door frame. Check these tracks with a level every month or so to note if they've been bent or damaged in any way. Once any section of the track is bent or out of alignment, the weight of the door won't be dispersed properly; the track will then pull away from its connectors and even bend out of shape. Eventually the door may not open or close at all, or the track may get so damaged that it needs replacing. If you notice any areas of the track that are not level, tighten connectors as needed or bend out those uneven areas with pliers.

Clean the track

A track that is holding rust, dirt and other such debris is going to slow down the movement of the door and also counterbalance its weight, as mentioned above. The motor may also work harder to push or pull the door along, causing excess wear and tear.

Don't use oil on the tracks to clean them, as this can cause the door to slip while it moves. This could potentially damage the motor of the opener and even pull the chains or springs out of shape so they would eventually need replacing. Instead, use car brake cleaner; wear rubber gloves, eye protection and a breathing mask, and spray the cleaner up and down the track and alongside the edges of the door.

Don't force it

If the automatic opener doesn't operate the door, don't force the door to open or close. It may not be the opener itself is malfunctioning, but the rollers of the door could be rusted and won't rotate and roll properly. Forcing the door can then cause damage to the track or springs, as they work hard to keep the door in place when it's being forcibly pulled. When the opener won't operate the door, have it inspected for worn or rusted components before assuming you should force it to operate manually.


24 March 2017

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