5 Things to check when hiring garage door repair contractors


Are you thinking of installing a garage door or making a few repairs to your garage door? You can try do-it-yourself solutions, but they rarely get the job done, especially if you've no experience with such repairs. Your best bet is to hire a garage door repair contractor. But how do you know which contractor to hire?

1.    References

Check the references and reviews of the contractors you intend to hire. Compare the contractors with others in your price range. You can go further and ask to see their portfolio. Contact some of their previous customers and ask if they would recommend the service.

2.    Experience and reputation

Any profession requires experience before you can assign the professionals extensive projects. You can ask how many years the contractor has been handling garage door installations and repairs. You can also ask about the projects they have worked on. The more the project, the greater the experience.

You want a garage door contractor who can handle the task in the stipulated time without causing accidents or damage to other parts of the garage. You also want a reputable contractor. Check the reviews from previous clients or ask your friends and family or anyone who has hired the contractor about the service offered.

3.    Insurance

Prioritise garage door contractors that are insured. A company that has insurance shows that it cares about its employees and clients. The insurance will protect both your property and the contractors working on the project. In case of any damages, the insurance policy will pay for the damages.

4.   Transparency and integrity

Choose a contractor who is transparent and notifies you of all the charges before the project commences. You want a contractor who will walk you through the project, the phases it will take to complete and the duration. A contractor should keep you informed on the progress of the project.

You want a contractor who you can trust with the project and ensure that nothing goes wrong. Preferably, choose a contractor who will stand by their work and who pays attention to details. Listen to how the contractor talks about past projects and the kind of guarantees they make.

5.   Availability

If you need the door fixed soon, you should choose a contractor who is available when you need them. Choose a contractor who is reliable and available for emergency repairs. Also, check their response time when you call, send an email or invite them to check out the project.


22 January 2020

Garage Doors Inspired by the Great Outdoors

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