Troubleshooting Some Common Garage Door Problems


A high-quality garage door may work for years before you ever have any issues with it, but when it does start to break down, you may suddenly have a door that shakes or doesn't open and close as it should. It can be dangerous to ignore obvious problems with this door, as it's very heavy and puts a lot of pressure and weight on its chains and springs; if these pieces break, this can allow the door to slam shut, or injure someone in the vicinity of those pieces. Note a few common garage door problems you might encounter and how to address these, or what you might be facing by way of repairs.

Remote doesn't work

If the remote to the garage door doesn't work, do a bit more investigating. If the switch inside the home works, then the transponder or actual remote needs replacing, not the garage door. If you hear humming but the door doesn't move, the controls for the opener are receiving signals, but something is physically stopping the door from moving. If the chains are exposed, note if they're kinked or overly rusted; don't try to fix this yourself, but have those chains replaced as needed. If the door works on a spring, the spring may be broken and also needs replacing.

Door shakes when opening and closing

If your home's garage has a roller door and it shakes when it opens or closes, the door itself may be bent and is not moving up and down the rollers smoothly. You can try to examine the door from the side and see if any pieces are obviously misshapen; those panels need to be replaced. If the door is a swing-out variety and it shakes, it may be hanging unevenly. Note if it sits evenly along the garage floor or if there is a gap on one side; if so, the door needs adjusting.

Speed is inconsistent

If the door opens and closes at an inconsistent speed, meaning it works slowly and then suddenly slams to the garage floor, or struggles to open but then speeds up as it moves along the track, this is usually a problem with the wiring getting intermittent power; damaged wiring won't control the speed of the door properly, and those wires need replacing. The track that the garage door moves along may also be bent, so that the door slows down as it struggles over those bent areas, and then speeds up once it reaches a level area of track. The track itself may need repair or replacing.


29 June 2017

Garage Doors Inspired by the Great Outdoors

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