How to Add Some Style to Your Home's Garage Door


You may not think much of your home's garage door until it breaks down and needs replacing, but once that happens, you might note how you can add some style to its overall appearance. Your home's garage door can enhance or detract from the curb appeal of your home, and a fresh new style can mean a door that coordinates with your home and welcomes you every time you pull into the driveway. Consider a few tips and suggestions you might discuss with a garage door contractor when you're ready to shop.

Light diffusing glass

Rather than opt for a standard metal door, consider light-diffusing glass for the door itself. This consists of panels of plexiglass that are frosted enough to block the view to the inside of the garage but which also allow light to pass through. The garage door will be illuminated at night with an inside light and then also allow sunlight through during the day, which is good for those who might work in the garage during the day. This glass can also give the garage a very clean and modern look.

Wood roller doors

Roller doors, made of small slats which roll up rather than swing out and fold up onto the garage ceiling, are very compact and good for small spaces. However, they can seem a bit industrial. You might compromise between these two looks by choosing a wood roller door rather than one made of steel or aluminium. The wood can soften the look of the roller door while still offering that same compact design and size.

Carriage doors

For something very rustic, opt for carriage doors. These resemble barn doors with slats or panels on the lower part of the door, and then a window or transom of some sort on the upper part. The lower part will usually have cross slats and oversized handles and hinges, which may be added just for decoration. If you have a craftsman style home with thick wood windows, you can have the carriage doors painted or stained to match.

Note, too, that you don't need to open these doors by the hinges on the side, as the doors may still operate on an overhead track to swing out from the bottom and then fold up onto the roof of the garage. The carriage style is just for the rustic appearance and not the actual function of the door.


28 March 2017

Garage Doors Inspired by the Great Outdoors

Hi, my name is Jenny. I love decorating both the inside and the outside of my homes, and in particular, I love picking out garage doors. Contrary to popular belief, garage doors do not have to be boring. They can be super colorful or unique designs. One thing I really like is garage doors that remind me of the great outdoors. To that end, I love garage doors with vinyl stickers on them depicting the outdoors, and I also love doors reminiscent of old barn doors. If you want tips on making your garage door look like it is inspired by nature or farming, please explore my blog.