Freestanding Garages: 4 Reasons Steel Beats Brick and Mortar


If you're thinking of having a freestanding garage installed on your property, one of the most important decisions you'll have to make is what kind of material you want the garage to be made from. Ultimately, most homeowners come down to deciding between either steel or brick and mortar.

While a brick and mortar structure does come with some compelling advantages, you're probably going to find yourself better off going for steel when it comes to freestanding garages, and here are just four reasons why.

1. Quick Installation

One of the best things about fitting a steel structure is that the installation process will not take very long. These structures aren't as heavy as brick and mortar buildings, so the foundations won't have to be extensive. Once the foundations are completed, everything will go up a lot faster since the walls and roof can be prefabricated; when you go for a brick and mortar building, you'll need to wait for each brick to be laid.

2. Reduced Cost

The fact that it won't take nearly as many man hours for a steel garage to be constructed means that you should save on installation costs.  However, even the raw materials are likely to be far cheaper. Steel is not the most inexpensive of metals, but using simple steel walls and ceilings is going to be far more cost-effective than using bricks and mortar for your walls and other materials for your roof. The freestanding garage is probably not something you want to spend huge amounts of money on, so it's best to go for the most cost-effective option available to you.

3. Ideal for Simple Storage

If you were building a freestanding building on your property to act as a game room, home office or a hang-out space for your children, it would probably be better to go for brick and mortar thanks to its superior insulation abilities. However, there's really no need to opt for brick and mortar when all you need is a place to store your car.  As long as it keeps the car protected from both the elements and wrongdoers, it's doing its job.

4. Easy Maintenance

Finally steel is a lot easier to maintain than a brick and mortar building. Your walls and roof will be made using large sheets, so there aren't many gaps through which leaks can be made. Additionally, you're very unlikely to see cracks forming across the surface of the structure. Brick and mortar buildings are very strong, but it's possible for cracks to develop or mortar to wear away.


24 March 2017

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